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Accelerate Your Life

Delta V Chiropractic and Sports Medicine. 

It always helps to understand the background and the reason behind a name, especially when someone has spent a lot of time on that name and chosen it with care. I'd like to tell you about it, so you can understand our mission a little bit better. Every company that has ever existed had meaning to their name, nuance and care and passion that the owner wanted to convey as quickly and concisely as possible. 

Our tagline is "Accelerate Your Life" - it's a big part of the reason behind why we do what we do. The name is based off the formula for acceleration,
a = ∆v / ∆t
which in physics terms, implies a few key points: 
1. A direction : In physics, the V refers to Velocity, which is sometimes confused with speed. The two are similar, but there is a major difference between them - Velocity implies a direction, implies motion, while speed is just a snapshot picture of how quickly something is moving. 
2. A change : In the equation, ∆ (delta) is the symbol that refers to "a change in ... ", or otherwise known as, if you see this symbol, you know that whatever comes after it is being measurably and meaningfully changed.
3. Time and reality : Whatever is going to happen, and however this acceleration works out, it will take some time to do it, whether a short amount of time or a long one, but nothing happens instantly. It also means that this is not an abstract thought - whatever is going to change in this equation is real, tangible, and measurable. 

All of these concepts carry over into how we design our sports medicine programs, and how we will design our fitness programs when our gym comes online. Every client who walks through our door is looking for a change in their life, a way to get to their goals and probably quickly, and it is our commitment to be the driving force behind that change. We believe that being able to move well means being able to live better. We know that when you are injured or in pain, you can't move well and you can't do what you love. We are here to help be your change in speed and direction. We are here to help Accelerate Your Life. 


Dr. Paul Harris holds a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Texas Chiropractic College and a Master’s of Exercise and Health Sciences from University of Houston Clear Lake. He is the owner of Delta V Chiropractic and Sports Medicine and an avid human movement specialist.